domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

"Unexpected Pleasures from Cuba" Review of Martin Roth

I knew nothing about the church in Cuba. Now that I have met Roberto, in the pages of his book, I know a little.

This is a collection of about three dozen short and simple devotionals, a reflection of the author's faith and an expression of his love of the Lord.

The best are those that tell a story about life in Cuba today.

In "The Man That Ate Poppies" the author is at a bus station when he meets an elderly man carrying a flag with the motto "Cuba for Christ." They share a taxi ride, and along the way the man, while talking about the Bible, starts eating poppies, which he believes to be good for his health.

In "Roofs" we meet a woman who belongs to the author's church. She suffers kidney problems and requires regular dialysis. Yet "her faith remains" and "she smiles at me without sorrow."

Though it would have been good to have more such stories about the people of Cuba, this remains a lovely - and loving - collection of messages that will surely touch the heart of any Christian reader.
"The Cuban Christian Writer: Redemption, Encouragement & Restoration Stories"
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