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Cuban Christian literature

A Cuban Christian book & ebook!
"The Lighthouse of Asaph: Unforgettable Christian Reflections":
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FREE "The Cuban Christian Writer: Redemption, Encouragement & Restoration Stories"

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"The Cuban Christian Writer: Redemption, Encouragement & Restoration Stories":
My interview by Martin Roth (Australian Author):

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The Lighthouse of the Miracle, by Roberto Ornan Roche


The Lighthouse of the Miracle**

By Roberto Ornan Roche


The man remembers that tour to the lighthouse. He remembers the long road when the tower was profiling in the horizon. It did not care the distance neither the fatigue, each step took them together, with love and happiness.


Their hearts were plenty of the miracle of their lives; he looked how the woman who was the gift of God smiled and all the time, she noticed the beautifulness of the nature they were finding in the road.


It was for the second occasion, that they climbed up a lighthouse together but for the first time; they were happy and blissful, looking at the horizon, having their hands closely jointed and willing to belong to each other for ever.


People that helped them to ascend didn't understand the meaning of that yearning.


The man also remembers the blessing that he received from his Pastor for his marriage in that same lighthouse. All his sufferings had been vanished that day and he felt an immense happiness, comparable with nothing until that moment.


Then, he gave thanks to God for hearing the desire of his heart, forgiving and curing the wounds of his heart and making truth the miracle that seemed to be impossible.


People of the lighthouse remembered them and left aside everything in order to speak, wonder things and observe the facts that only God could make in these two human beings.


The man remembers when he took each one of his children to the same lighthouse, and he taught them to love the sea so as to feel that they were in the place which always filled his parents with hope and illusion. . . .


. . . .and that it was part of the greatest miracle in their lives. That it represented the love that made a man change deeply and to revive a stronger and actual love, with the faith of never to be surrendered.


But only some of these moments existed, others are in his thought, wandering between the unreal thing and the truth.


And it is that each gleam of light of the lighthouse is a memory in his life. And while he feels the deep sadness for the past events, and the distant light that cannot be seen even in the horizon points the night of that place, he gives thanks to God for those days.


And he remembers the long road again, when the gift that he didn't know how to take care of, was walking by his side, looking together how the tall tower was profiling in the horizon: the lighthouse of the miracle.




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