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A Wedding Day Miracle, by Roberto Ornan Roche

A Wedding Day Miracle
by Roberto Ornan Roche


My mother was operated on for an infected gallbladder on the same day that I was supposed to be married. It was an urgent operation and all of us saw her suffering for several days, in two hospitals. But the Lord healed her, and I felt blessed that God saved her on that very day - that He chose that moment to work a miracle with her health and body. He chose to bless this special day with a miracle of joy, but in another way - in His way.


Surrounded by surgeons and the medical staff, just before her operation, my mother asked the surgeon next to her what time it was. The doctor looked at his watch and told her it was 10:00 o´clock in the morning of that day, September 25. She replied that it was the moment for my wedding. The doctor, a little confused and surprised, commented that the wedding should have taken place already. But my mother quickly made him aware that I was outside in the family waiting room. It was something that did not seem to be as miraculous as when it happened.


In the days before her operation, my mother spent most of the time suffering in her hospital bed. She regretted the inconvenience that her health condition - with constant medication, intubation and abdominal pain – was responsible for the postponement of my wedding. But I just hugged my mother to my chest, begging her at the same time to calm down and saying that there were many other moments for my wedding. And so it transpired - two months later, on November 20, I got married and she was there, completely recovered from her illness.


The events were as follows: Marlene and I were returning from booking the hotel for our honeymoon when we got the news about the severe pain in her abdomen. We took her quickly to the nearest hospital that night, in a beat-up old ambulance that appeared hardly able to move. But although she remained hospitalized, receiving medicines and antibiotics, it was not a good hospital in which to be operated. Thank God the urgency of the operation did not come up at that moment, because maybe she might not have survived. Several people acted as angels and my mother was taken to a better hospital, though all the time, and in all places, there were angels watching over her.


At the other hospital it was a Thursday night when she was to have her operation. This is almost the weekend, when all the minor surgery has been completed, and only emergency operations requiring major procedures are carried out. In fact, it was early on Friday morning, the last day of the week, and even more miraculous was the fact that during the night many surgeons and other staff were still at work at the hospital. My mother did not lack a single specialist for blood tests, electrocardiogram, ultrasound, and more. And she underwent a minimal-access operation, from which she quickly recovered without complications or danger.


As we passed through the hospitals we saw so many patients who were seriously ill with the H1N1 flu pandemic. Ambulances, elevators and hallways were contaminated and even some friends became isolated patients in the hospital for forty days. But the Lord alone looked after us even more. Her gallbladder, completely damaged, was about to break open, spreading its lethal load inside her abdomen. But fortunately, that did not happen. Even the pain eased up, so she could spend the last waiting night without going to the operating room.


Some people talk about miracles, about the moments when they went to Heaven and came back. Many of these stories may be true, because one should not doubt the miracles of others. They may seem like a dream to us, but they are real events that saved those people. But my miracle was the happiest I had ever experienced - my mother would continue with us, though sometimes I did not believe so because many times in my life I had stopped believing in miracles.


Three years later, when I see my mother carrying my little son Jorge Roberto in her arms, it is impossible to forget how God changed the date of my wedding to make this event so precious . And everything depended on minutes, on people acting as angels at the exact moment. I might imagine this in a better way - it was like going to Heaven and coming back with this miracle in my hands, but without even realizing it.


Thank our Lord for synchronizing my watch in such a way!

" Doctor, what time is it?"

 - " It's just 10: 00 o' clock"

Roberto Ornan Roche, a Christian writer from Cuba, is an internationally recognized author with stories published in English and Spanish. His book, A Lighthouse of Asaph, is a story collection capturing the emotions and longings of a Cuban heart. The stories were written in an attempt to reconcile the author's life of faith with a society that discourages it. Born out of fear and sadness, sadness from praying for dreams that were never realized, A Lighthouse of Asaph is a book to encourage you and help you find meaning in your circumstances.

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