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Essays or chapters of my book

Essays or chapters of my book:

1. The Perfect Story (Published by In Touch Magazine, Dr. Charles Stanley Ministries)
2. A Special Feeling
3. Rejecting Job
4. Jesus
5. The Hug of David
6. Dinning with The Lord
7. The Drafts of Samson
8. Sand in my Eyes
9. A Red Sea for a Lifetime
10. Simply the Best
11. The Friendship's Secret
12. The Miracle of the Time
13. The Last Sheep
14. The Trains of Life
15. The Lighthouse of Asaph
16. The Wheel of Life
17. The Only Play
18. My Helmsman
19. Abandoned Baggage
20. The Mountain
21. My Place
22. Life of Promises: an Eternal Blessing
23. Unexpectedly
24. The Christian Runner
25. Elim was on Sight
26. A Vessel Forever
27. The Man That Ate Poppies
28. Let us Start Living from His Love!
29. Restoration
30. Roofs
31. What God Makes...
32. A Prayer for a Wound
33. The Evil Chef
34. The Blind Angel
"The Lighthouse of Asaph: Unforgettable Christian Reflections":
http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004VWQ3E0 (Kindle)
*From Cuba: God bless you all!

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